Horticulturalist & Certified Surveyor of Japanese Knotweed..

Japanese Knotweed Solutions is owned and operated by John Butler, a leading Landscape Contractor and Garden Designer based in Cork. John is also a Horticulturalist & Certified Surveyor of Japanese Knotweed (Property Care Association UK).

  • Over 25 Years Experience
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Legal status – Republic of Ireland.

At present, there are specific legislative provisions. Section 49 of the European 2011 European Community Regulations act, prohibits the movement of vector material with specific reference to soil or spoil taken from areas infested with Japanese Knotweed. Section 49 provides that any person who plants, disperses allows or causes to disperse, spreads or otherwise causes to grow in any place shall be guilty of an offence. Section 49 also provides for a defence (if it can be proven) that the accused took “all reasonable steps and exercised all due diligence to avoid committing the offence” Section 67 provides that a person found guilty on summary conviction, to a Class A fine (currently €5000) or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or both. For more serious transgressions, i.e. on conviction or indictment, the fine may be €500,000, or imprisonment for a term of three years, or both
Up to €1 million for each project

We have Professional Indemnity for advising .

This is unique in providing the client and developer with reassurance that the advice on invasive weed site solutions being given is professional.


As Qualified Horticulturists we can identify and treat Japanese Knotweed infestations as well as other invasive species.


We can also give advice on treating large areas appropriately where there is a short time span before excavation and development.


We also provide site specific Japanese knotweed management plans (JKMP) for development sites. Every site will have specific development plan to manage the infestation accordingly.

Clients Testimonials

Some kind words from our clients..

I have worked closely with John and his team both with my own project at No. 3 and on landscaping/garden design projects for my clients. As a qualified horticulturist John is uniquely placed to offer best advice, whether it’s setting out your design which may be viewed in 3D, through to a simple planting program. All ground works, construction, paving, decking, lighting, water features, sourcing and planting etc are carried out by Johns team and supervised by him personally, a garden maintenance service is also provided. My experiences with John Butler Landscaping have always been very positive. John and his team conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Their schemes are brought in on time, on budget, add visual value and without exception have always met my highest expectations. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending to you with complete confidence John Butler Landscaping for all your outdoor requirements.
Bernadette Pey
Bernadette Pey Interiors
I recently recommended John Buller to a good friend or mine who had built a new house. They were trying to sort out landscaping & design around the building with a landscaper but they did not like her designs and felt that she did not understand what they were looking for. John had a meeting with them & afterwards returned with a plan. Edel Broderick told me that they found John to be easy to work with. He gave them flexibility of options. He understood their budget and used beautiful materials to construct a paved area leading to footpaths, cedar planter units and lighting. He also created a feature to connect the patio and garden. She is delighted with the selection of plants used including a New Zealand Tree Fern. She just fills with pride when she is talking about her garden and loves spending time in it with friends. Edel says she would recommend John Buller to her friends. Thank you John for taking such great care of the people I recommend to you.
Mick Cahalane
Home Improvement Solutions
John Butler of John Butler Landscaping recently completed a major tidy up and maintenance of gardens at our offices in Bishopstown. This had the effect of turning a neglected wilderness which was totally overgrown in to a garden which again shows some potential. The work completed is now regarded as only Phase I and I will be asking John to return to plan additional work. John has a fully hands on approach to all his work and obviously takes great pride in his work. I have no hesitation in recommending John Butler Landscaping for any Landscaping or Garden Maintenance project.
Peter Fehily
AllSafe Risk Management
The daffodils opened this week and now the garden is looking even better than ever in the sunshine. The students use the garden every day. They run, walk, drive wheelchairs or arc pushed around the maze. To one side a group of boys are always kicking a football or taking turns with the basketball hoop. We have finally managed to persuade the boys that balls should not be kicked up on the roof or the tree. Last month somebody through a circular hoop around a branch of the tree and there was great excitement for two days as every pupil and member of staff tried to get it down. As you know we are involved in the Cork Music Generation Project and on Tuesday last we had a visit from members of this year’s Common Purpose Team. I couldn’t be here myself on the day but Mary O’Hanlon tells me that the daffodils bloomed that morning! Our visitors witnessed first hand the joy that the garden has brought to the pupils and staff of our school. We hope you’ll ‘drop in’ some day when your passing and see how lovely it’s all looking.
Patricia Harrington
School of the Divine Child